Glossier Makeup Ranked

I am, by absolutely no means, a makeup guru. I’m hesitant to even call myself a makeup lover because I truly have no idea what I’m doing when I start my routine each morning. The thought of putting on eyeliner or eyeshadow is daunting because nine times out of ten, I end up looking like a raccoon. However, I am a fiend for Glossier.

If you haven’t heard of Glossier (pronounced glossy-ay) where have you been? The company was started in 2014 by former Into the Gloss co-founder, Emily Weiss. This year the company achieved unicorn status—meaning it is valued at over $1billon—and it is one of the few woman-founded, women-led companies to ever do so. The brand operates on a “skin first, makeup second” ethos that champions natural, inner beauty and celebrates the no-makeup makeup look. The products are relatively affordable, have adorable names, and I’m sure you’ve seen their aesthetically-pleasing millennial pink and red packaging all over Instagram. But the best part about Glossier? It works.

While Glossier skincare is great, I’m very partial to their makeup line. I certainly don’t own every product but, as I look at my desk which is now cluttered with the brand’s signature pink bubble-wrap pouches, I’ve realized my Glossier collection is a lot larger than most. Since my friends (who are actually talented at makeup and do mine for all special occasions) have frequently asked me for my Glossier recommendations, I figured now would be the prefect time to share my very (un)professional opinions.

Listed below are the products I have in my lineup ranked from least favorite to absolutely cannot live without (but spoiler alert: I love them all).

8. Cloud Paint

I’ve never been a blush girl but cloud paint makes it easy. In the past, my biggest fear when it came to blush was looking like a clown since I struggled to blend it in. However, cloud paint has a lightweight, gel-cream formula that you can pat onto your face and it will melt right into your skin. I don’t wear cloud paint everyday because my skin is naturally very pink, but on days I want to add even more color cloud paint is the first thing I reach for. I wear the shade Puff.

7. Skin Tint

I am a bit of a newbie to Skin Tint but so far, so good. Skin Tint is SO lightweight I don’t even think you could call it a foundation—which is fine by me because there is nothing that I hate more than the feeling of full-coverage makeup. While you don’t get very much coverage with this guy it gives a beautiful, dewy finish and really perfects the texture of your skin. It’s super easy to apply, so I’d 10/10 recommend this as a staple for good skin days when all you need is something quick to give you some more oomph. I wear the lightest shade, shade G12.

6. Pro Tip

As aforementioned, I am terrified of eyeliner. But, in high school I had an eyeliner phase and was really good at it for like three months before I completely lost my touch. Ever since, I’ve wanted to be an eyeliner girl again and when Glossier dropped this product I thought maybe now would be the time. The formula is really smooth, jet black and actually shockingly easy to apply. I still need some practice but for someone who’s bad at eyeliner my Pro Tip cat eyes don’t look that bad. I’d consider that a win.

5. Wowder

I’ve reached the point in this list where I’m now ranking the five products I use every. single. day. It’s like picking a favorite child. Wowder, please forgive me. I still love you. Wowder does everything you’d want a powder to do. It’s lightweight but it sets your face without looking cakey. It gets rid of grease but it doesn’t dry you out and it has just the right amount of tint. It’s also really fun to use thanks to the dispenser that’s supposed to mimic a trampoline! Nothing but good things to say here. I also wear shade G12 here with this one.

4. Boy Brow

Every Glossier review ever praises Boy Brow. It’s one of their OG, top-selling products. And trust me, I understand why. Boy brow really is that good. It locks your brows in place all day and gives enough tint for a natural, but full look. I know some people who solely use Boy Brow to keep their brows in check but as someone who loves a big brow moment, this product isn’t enough for me. To get a bold brow, I recommend using both of Glossier’s brow products (more on that next) but, on days where I hit snooze a few too many times and need to get my makeup done in under three minutes, a swipe of Boy Brow is my saving grace. Shade Brown in this baby.

3. Brow Flick

I was studying abroad in London when Brow Flick came out and I was willing to pay the jacked up GBP conversion price for this baby—that’s how desperate I was to try it out. And of course, Brow Flick did not let me down. I don’t know how to describe it other than a liquid liner for your brows, but not in a harsh way??? The marker has a very fine point and the color comes out pretty light so it is very buildable. I’ll press the marker to my brows pretty firmly to achieve my go-to bolder brow look but I’ve seen people use a light hand to achieve a very natural look and it works just as well. I also wear shade Brown here.

2. Balm Dot Com

I love a good lip balm. I have about a million scattered across my apartment and stashed away in every purse I own. But this is it. Balm Dot Com is THE lip balm. It is so moisturizing, lasts for hours, and smells incredible. If you want subtle color, Cherry, Rose, Mango and Berry give you that barely-there pop you’re looking for but there’s also untinted versions as well. While I’ve sampled all of the scents (I’ve gone through tubes and tubes of this stuff people) and Cherry, Coconut, and Birthday rank among my favorites. However, Mango is hands down the best. That’s it. If you take away one thing from this post it’s to buy Mango Balm Dot Com.

1. Stretch Concealer

Stretch Concealer is my holy grail. Not even my holy grail Glossier product but my holy grail makeup product. Maybe even my holy grail beauty product, skincare and haircare included. Stretch came into my life when I needed it most (hello, hormonal acne) and it changed it for the better. I’m not even being dramatic. You’re probably sensing a theme here, but like all Glossier makeup, it’s incredibly lightweight. You can glob on layer after layer to cover a pesky zit and it still won’t feel like you’re wearing makeup. However, this guy is more full-coverage than the rest of the Glossier lineup. A light swipe on my checks evens out my redness and a little dab under my eyes brightens them up. It blends seamlessly with your fingers or a beauty blender and it dries with an ever-so-slightly dewy finish as opposed to matte. I’d recommend this to my mortal enemy—everyone needs Stretch Concealer in their lives. And again, I’m shade G12.

And there you have it, the top Glossier products from a proud member of the Glossier cult. If you’re a fan too and have any Glossier recommendations please send them my way, I’m always looking to add to my collection!


Kate Day

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