Cheetah Print Pants and a Very Unfortunate China Town Wipe-Out

Ever heard the phrase beauty is pain? These pants live up to that.

It’s not that they’re uncomfortable—actually they’re the opposite, I found these babies for $5 on an H&M clearance rack and I’m almost positive they’re pajama bottoms. However, they’re just the tiniest a bit long.

I was careful about them all day. I walked around Central Park, got myself a delicious breakfast at Pret-a-Manger, walked down to Times Square, took a subway to Soho, and had a fun little photo shoot with some CF gals (read more about that here) all while being extra conscious of the fact that my pants were a little long so I couldn’t step on them or I would trip. However, I must’ve forgotten about the length of my pants as I was walking to catch the Q train home and BOOM. It happened.

This wasn’t a graceful little fall. I’m talking about a full on wipe-out in the streets of China Town. I mean I went down. My bags flew everywhere, my sunglasses fell of, I let out a huge scream, and the people standing by the curb stifled their laughter. Guys it was mortifying—I still have scars on my elbow and knee to prove it.

Regardless of how un-klutz proofed this look was, I still love it. As mentioned before, these pants we’re only $5 (now they’re not on as nice of a sale but they’re still very affordable) and they’re such a fun statement piece. I’m loving animal print lately and these wide-leg cheetah print bottoms were a great, summer approved way to introduce it into my wardrobe. As for the black tank, it was also on sale $5 (Target, ily) and it such a quality basic. I paired this look with my go-to white sneakers and a pair of narrow sunglasses. I’m still not are how I feel about the teeny-tiny sunglasses movement but you know me, I’m always down to try a new trend.


Kate Day

PS: Shout out to my incredibly talented friend, Geordon, for capturing these photos. Check out her Instagram, she’s amazing!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

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