HOME SWEET HOME: The Long Awaited Dorm Tour

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I’m back!!! To be honest, I’ve never been more excited to share a blog post with you than I am right now. It’s been a long time coming but my dorm is finally decorated the way I want and I’m ready to share it with the world. I’m about to go full real estate agent mode so beware!

This year, I’m living with three amazing roommates in Santa Clara Hall at Loyola University Chicago. While our building is technically a dorm, don’t be fooled. We have a huge apartment-style layout with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a cute little entry hallway, a living room, and a full kitchen THAT EVEN INCLUDES A DISHWASHER (I get so excited about our dishwasher, I think I tell everyone I meet that our apartment has one). Santa Clara is the closest residential building to Lake Michigan in all of Chicago so we have amazing lake views from our kitchen window and my roommate Allison’s bed! We honestly couldn’t have gotten luckier to call this place home.

Before we move out for the year, my roommates and I plan to share a full dorm tour that showcases our entire apartment but today I’m just showing you my half of the bedroom that I share with Allison. I reused so many things from my dorm last year but also purchased and DIY’d a few small items to really tie the space together and make it feel more cohesive. You’ll see a lot of black and white stripes, white faux fur, acrylic accents, gold everywhere, marble print, and tiny pops of red and cheetah print. It sounds like a lot going on but I think I made it work and pulled it all off if I do say so myself!

Let’s jump right it! Welcome to my dorm tour!

Bed Area

When you enter our bedroom, my bed is the first thing you see. It was actually in this exact spot when I moved in and I thought it was perfect. My bed area is so comfy and cozy, it really is my favorite spot in the apartment, maybe even all of campus. I feel like all the decorations and bedding came together so well and it just feels so ‘me’.

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One of my favorite aspects of my bed area are my three posters. The Kate Moss image is my favorite photo in fashion photography history and it served as inspiration for the whole room (you’ll see tiny pops of red and cheetah print throughout). I purchased the Kate Moss and SJP images as instant downloads from Etsy and then had them printed as posters. I picked up the vintage Vogue print last summer while I was in Paris. Instead of hanging them up as is, I found super affordable poster frames from frameusa.com. I found that the posters felt more mature with the frames and they tied in all the gold accents I have.
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My bedding is a mix of Ikea, Target, Marshall’s/Homegoods/TjMaxx, and Amazon and most items are pieces I used last year too. There are at least nine pillows and four blankets in my bed at all times which seems a bit excessive, I know, but it keeps it nice and cozy. My favorite throw pillow is the ‘More Issues Than Vogue‘ one which I found on Amazon.
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My nightstand once belonged to my grandfather. I’ve always been a sucker for anything acrylic so I knew I couldn’t leave it when my grandfather passed almost 10 years ago. I’ve been holding onto it just waiting for a moment to finally use it and that moment finally arrived. I love that its a family heirloom in a sense and I know it’s a piece I’ll hold onto forever. On the top shelf I keep the essentials; tissues, lotion, gum, phone, wallet, and keys.
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Below, I keep some of my most prized possessions, my coffee table books and some of my favorite Vogue issues ever. To top it off I have the cutest little marble elephant (two of my favorite things) from Hobby Lobby.
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The final section of my bed area was relatively DIY. I purchased the ‘K’ from a craft store and spray painted it gold and I made the ‘Make it Work’ canvas for my dorm last year using paint and sparkly stickers. The circular mirror is from the $5 and below section of Target and the string lights that go around my room are from Target also. The full body mirror next to my closet is from Marshall’s and is ideal for getting ready in the morning.

Desk Area

Moving onto my desk area. Last year, my desk was an endless black hole of all my miscellaneous junk so this year I’m trying to keep it neater and simpler. I have a few frames with pictures of friends and family, a marble and gold pencil holder, some random decorations like an acrylic (told you!) K and a Michigan sign, cute notes my friends have written me, and a color-coordinated calendar. Both lamps are from Target and while I know the floor lamp isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, our room has horrible lighting so it was a must.

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Keeping my favorite shoes on top of my desk is one of the best ideas I’ve had. It displays them in all their glory but also doubles as storage. A win-win situation! I pulled the gold stars off of a Target holiday garland and stuck them to the wall with sticky tack because I wanted to mimic the stars of the Chicago flag in a super minimal way.

Getting Ready Area

I’ve turned the space on the wall across from my bed into a little getting ready nook. The dresser came with the room but I brought in the white shelf, gray ottoman, and clothing rack once I realized how much space we have. I love having all my clothes, makeup, hair stuff, and accessories in one designated area because it makes getting ready in the morning so easy.

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The white shelf and gray ottoman are both from Target. On the bottom shelf I keep all my jeans, on the middle shelf I keep accessories tucked into my travel makeup bags and also my textbooks, and on the third shelf I keep my favorite little purse, all my jewelry, and a picture of my BFFs. I hung a little wire rack above the shelf so I could display all my sunglasses and some cute polaroids.
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On top of my white shelf I have a black and white striped bin which is from Target as well and it holds all my hair supplies and a few miscellaneous makeup products and beauty tools. I got the letter board from Marshall’s and I’m always switching it up so it has different phrases on it. Lately it has read ‘Alpha Sigma Alpha’ because I recently accepted a bid into a sorority and could not be more excited! I get officially initiated in November so expect lots of sorority related content coming your way!


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Oh look more acrylic, are you surprised? I got my tray and makeup holders last year from HomeGoods and use them to store my collection of makeup and skincare products that seems to be exponentially growing. Behind my collection is a mood board I made to keep me inspired and motivated this year.
My roommate and I keep some of our favorite neutrals (don’t even try to argue with me that cheetah print isn’t a neutral) on the clothing rack. The blacks, whites, and grays match the color scheme of our room perfectly and we get added storage out of the deal!
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Under the clothing rack, which I purchased from Amazon, are some of our favorite neutral toned shoes. Other than the under the clothing rack and on top of my desk I have shoes in every corner of my dorm; sneakers on a shoe rack under the bed, over-the-knee boots tucked into my closet, and all my weather-proof  hidden in the hall closet. In total, I brought 21 pairs of shoes to college and I’ve done a pretty good job of not letting them take over the apartment. Not to mention, they ALL get worn. I promise.


Thanks for letting me show you my beautiful room! I’m unbelievably proud of how it turned out and pulling it all together has been so fun. Now I know that an interior designer is definitely a backup career option I could get behind!


Kate Day

6 thoughts on “HOME SWEET HOME: The Long Awaited Dorm Tour

  1. Omg your room is huge! However it seems like you make use of the space pretty well, especially with the added shelving and what not. Also – using the top of your desk for shoe storage – GENIUS. Wish I had thought of that when I was still in a dorm! 🙂

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